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Here is our last post for now on board construction. Our Brushed Carbon Fiber layup.

Our Brushed Carbon Fiber boards have 4 ounces of Carbon Fiber over the entire board with 4 ounces of fiberglass on top. The light color is a thin layer of paint to reduce temperatures (Black Carbon Fiber heats up quickly). The paint is brushed on lightly and has patches that are thinner. In direct sunlight you can see right in to the Carbon Fiber weave. The board is left an even matte finish. While not as flashy as a full gloss polish, it has a unique feel that is welcome by many. The matte finish also prevents and hides scratches very well.

It is interesting to note that some companies produce a faux “brushed carbon” finish, that is drastically different in construction and most times does not include any real Carbon Fiber. It is important to understand what you are getting.

We design and build all our boards with the best quality materials, but more importantly, apply the most appropriate construction techniques to them. The ensures our high quality control and your long term enjoyment. Materials and design are only 2/3rds of the equation. The Hand Craftsmanship that goes in to every one of our boards is just as important. Take a close look, you will appreciate the difference.

We also build boards in other variations. The main one is our SUP surf shapes. They are Fiberglass and Epoxy with Carbon Fiber placed under the standing area and adjacent rails. Doing this reduces the weight and cost as the Carbon Fiber is not throughout the entire board. The Carbon Fiber reinforcement in the standing area resists pressure dings where you stand. And the Carbon Fiber on the rails keeps them strongest in the areas that can get the most abuse.