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The Axolotl is everything an inflatable paddleboard should be, truly versatile.  Head out for a quick paddle, exercise, yoga, a quick down river run or a relaxing day of fishing, all with the same board. 

By removing unnecessary volume we have decreased inflation volume & time, while also adding response and secondary stability. 

Includes Bishop Board’s fin forward design and all 3 are removable.  Tool free and easily customizable.

Spend some time on the Axolotl and regenerate your energy.  The Axolotl is a reclusive amphibian with the real life ability to regenerate all its body parts with no scarring, intense!

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9’6″ x 32″ x 4.7″

9’6″ x 34″ x 4.7″

27 lbs

3 Available Colors: Eat your greens, The blue & Sunset

For paddlers up to 250 pounds

Our Strongflate technology gives you more rigidity at lower inflation pressures (15 psi) and a lighter weight board.  The most advanced inflatable technology available.

Get on the water quicker with lower required volume of air & included dual inline chamber pump (The Easiest, Fastest, and Highest quality available.  US made Mil-spec).

Includes pump, Fun 3 piece carbon/composite paddle, mesh backpack, and fins.


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