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Big Fish


The Big Fish is the sweet spot for size, use and value.  It is the perfect length for paddlers of all sizes to carry and paddle.  Easy to store, load and carry on your vehicle.

The flat deck is great for Yoga and very comfortable to stand on.  The extended deck pad is perfect for your poses, you kids or pets.

It has thin nose and tail sections to glide through the water with minimal chop.  The constant rocker and bottom concave make it a joy to paddle in the flat water or light surf.


        • Dimensions:10′ x 33″ – paddlers up to 275 lbs.
        • Uses: Ideal for yoga, recreation, fishing.
        • Material: Epoxy / Fiberglass – 31 lbs

Our Big Fish board inlcludes: tie down points for our fishing rig dry box/coolers like many of our SUPs.


The Big Fish board is stable and offers a smooth glide; It slips and glides so gracefully allowing the most complex yoga poses or more stability for a beginner.  It never made me tired moving around the board and paddling.      -Charmaine S


Perfect for Yoga, lots of room to move around and flow!        -Kashi H


I couldn’t believe a board this short and wide had that much glide for a guy my size.     -Mike H

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 33 in