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The Hellbender is the next generation of Inflatable whitewater & surf SUPs.  Sick of trying to stomp a river wave and punch through? Getting trundled from a high volume wide board getting pushed around?  Don’t fall prey to over volume boards that elude to stability.  Step up to the Hellbender.  Meticulously designed to make the most of your time on the water.

A low volume tail engages pushy water for secondary stability, like when riding standing waves. 

Truncated ends and low aspect rails afford predictable drive speed of longer boards.  Combined with the low volume tail, this allows the Hellbender to rise above the rest.

The easily removable, tool free side fins have a shallow draft and low, straight rake.  They can also be locked in with a fin key.  Combined with a low rake, flexible center fin, they give you all the versatility you need.

Hellbenders are a giant salamander unique to the South Eastern United states, are threatened and live in swift moving rivers beneath the whitewater causing rocks.  Look out for these guys/gals they were here first, for like 65 million years!

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8’6″ x 33″ x 4.7″

21 lbs

3 Available Colors: Eat your greens, The blue & Sunset

For paddlers up to 200+ pounds (higher weights based on skill level and venue, i.e. whitewater and surf)

Our Strongflate technology gives you more rigidity at lower inflation pressures (15 psi) and a lighter weight board.

Get on the water quicker with lower required volume of air & included dual inline chamber pump (The Easiest, Fastest, and Highest quality available.  US made Mil-spec).

Includes pump, Fun 3 piece carbon/composite paddle, mesh backpack, and fins.


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