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Rail Tape


Most of the time your board’s rails take the brunt of the damage. Protect em!

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Protect your board’s rails from paddle marks, resting on the ground, and other scratch, gouge and ding causing scenarios.

Need to take a rest?  With our rail tape you can set your board down on the rail and even lean if up against something.

Easy to apply peel and stick (PSA) backing.  Waterproof for long term durability.

Super grippy texture makes wrestling your favorite SUP easier.  Once you try it, you will never want to put it down.

Our rail tape is over 22 mils thick.  The thickest in the biz!

Translucent.  Smooth rounded CNC cut ends to prevent lifting.


x2 6′ long strips.

We like to clean the rails, use a piece of tape on each end to temporarily hold the tape on one rail, peel the backing, and then press it down firmly ensuring no air bubbles.  The adhesive bond increases over time, reaching full cure in a few days.  But, it can be used the same day.  Make sure to press down evenly to prevent bubbles and seal the edges, try starting from the center and working out.  A roller is helpful (we use a rubber art roller or wallpaper roller).

We stock 2″

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2", 3"


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