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StandUp Lock


A simple paddleboard lock that you can trust.

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Our Stand UP lock is the easiest to use solution for securing your paddleboard.  Just slip each half into your carry handle and secure with a padlock and cable (or chain, etc.).

Accepts most medium sized, standard padlocks.
Or purchase the StandUP lock KIT that includes a high quality anodized aluminum padlock that is durable, re-keyable, and easily serviced. The kit also includes a security cable to easily lasso your roof rack, fence, pole or other immovable object.

Made in the USA.

Beautifully crafted from anodized aluminum with a laser marked logo.

Satin finish.

We make 2 sizes:

Standard fits: Amundson, Bic, Bishop Boards, Bru Surf, Bote, ECS, Fanatic, Focus, F-one, Imagine, Jimmy Lewis, JP, KM Hawaii, Kona, Naish, Pulse, Slingshot

Shallow fits: smaller size/depth handle recess (typically white in color), Riviera, C4 waterman (old style), FCS and others (send us a pic if you are unsure).

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