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Connect – full carbon fiber paddle


Our new ultra lightweight full carbon fiber SUP Paddle with our SECURE LOCK easily adjustable length mechanism and comfortable hand grip.

Weight: 21 ounces

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SECURE LOCK easy to adjust height mechanism that will not slip.  The best adjustable paddle mechanism that you can buy.  With separate clamping and bonding areas, it locks your two paddle halves together to prevent twisting.  Yet, you can easily flip open the double cam bolt level to release and adjust.

Clearly marked lengths for reference.

Low dihedral blade face with a thin edge profile for smooth and quick recovery strokes.

The matte finish has great grip and is easy to maintain.

Super comfortable rounded palm grip.

Truncated teardrop blade outline gives a reassuring catch as you place the blade in the water.

The concave back face floats over the water during braces. We love this in the surf too!

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