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  • whitewater 80%
  • touring 5%
  • racing 15%

My name is Cohen Atkins. I was born and raised in the beautiful queen city of Charlotte, North Carolina. I gained most of my paddling experience working at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. My obsession is SUP or Stand Up Paddleboard. I received my certification from the ACA to teach L1-L2 SUP lessons, but my real passion is Whitewater SUP. It is incredibly challenging but extremely rewarding. There is nothing like crashing into a section of whitewater not knowing if a boil or a hidden rock will knock you clean off your board. Whitewater SUP will test all your paddling skills, including your concentration and discipline. Any free time I have you can catch me at the USNWC running their rapids on my favorite SUP board. Currently I run the paddle sports program at the Catawba River Paddle Club located at Tailrace Marina on the beautiful and historic Catawba River. I see a great future in SUP and I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing team bringing cutting edge materials along with break through design and performance to the Stand Up Paddleboard industry