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Here is our second post of 3 on our layups/construction. This was our original layup for our very first 3 designs. Real Bamboo and Carbon fiber together for timeless appeal.

We still have our CNC’s and hand finished EPS foam core with real wood stringer for strength. The Real bamboo is vacuum bagged and has 6 ounces of fiberglass above and below it for durability and beauty. The main difference is the rails are meticulously layered woven carbon fiber with fiberglass above. This takes a great deal of precision and more hands on time to get it right. Often we have 2 or 3 glassing technicians working on the same board.

This layup is our heaviest. The Carbon fiber does not compress as much during the vacuum bag process and retains more thickness. This increases weight a bit, but also durability and repairability. These rails are our thickest. they have 6 ounces of fiberglass above the carbon. This is what give it the “wet” look and depth. The glass on top makes it easier to refinish the rails when your board is well loved or make a repair without sanding into the carbon fiber. Get a small scratch, no problem, just buff it out with Meguiar’s Professional Diamond-cut and keep rubbing until it is back to a high polish.