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Our next three posts will address board construction. We are often told that our boards look amazing, set us apart from the rest and are a welcome sight. And at times criticized for not having more high res pics on our webpage. So here you go, 3 posts, 3 board layups/construction and the details (how we give you more performance, more beauty, and more quality for your money).

First up is our Real Bamboo/Solid Color Rail construction.

The CNC and hand finished EPS foam blank with wood stringer is wrapped with 6 ounces of fiberglass cloth/epoxy, rails get another layer of 6 ounce glass cloth and then a quality piece of bamboo veneer is applied with 6 ounces of glass on top and vacuum bagged. The result is a very dense layup, with no excess resin. This increases strength and reduces weight. The rails end up with 6 layers of 6 ounces glass, pressed super tight/flat.

The deck has glass/epoxy resin above and below the bamboo which resists dings in a major way and looks amazing. The former is due to the glass/epoxy above that you are literally looking through which gives it depth. This is what also makes our boards easier to repair if you happen to cause some damage. Our real bamboo is very important. Bamboo is sustainable and durable. It rejects or does not completely saturate with resin which reduces weight, however epoxy adheres insanely well to the surface. The bamboo resists dings and has far higher sheer strength than the paper (printed to look like bamboo) that you find in other boards.

The rails get painted carefully selected colors. The end result is a great compromise of weight and durability with uncompromising beauty. Squeeze our rails! Seriously, check em’ out and compare. What you find may surprise you.